Remote Setup & 


My remote Editing & Animation Suite.


Below is a list of equipment and file workflows I have in place for all clients wishing to collaborate remotely. 

Online Reviews: 

  • Annotated client branded video reviews for multiple collaborators. 


File workflow: 


  • Fibre connection 360Mbs

  • 20TB Raid 5 array. local file redundancy and speed. 

  • G-Suite Business Cloud sync storage for external backup redundancy.  All project files can be shared in realtime for ease of use. Fully encrypted.* 



  • Mac Pro 6 core xeon with dual graphic cards and 64GB of RAM

  • MacBook Pro 8 core i9 Touch Bar with 4GB dedicated graphics card and 16GB of RAM 

  • Multiprocessor render farm with up to 24 STREAMS*.

  • Lacie 5 Big 20TB Thunderbolt 2 Raid 

  • Wacom One 

  • Editor's key Vocal Mic

      *NO CHARGE for edit suite for any remote booking

email: | phone: 07773893534

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